Umbrella with 100% blackout fabric

What is a 100% blackout fabric umbrella

A fabric with a shading rate of 100% is attached to a umbrella. The shading rate is a numerical expression of how much the sunlight can be blocked, and the shading rate of 100% is a fabric certified by a third-party inspection organization as "does not transmit sunlight".

100% sunlight block, 99.9% UV protection

Conducted UV measurement inspection at a third party inspection organization.

Confirmed that the ultraviolet screening rate is 99.9% of the maximum value.

The measurement wavelength is 280mm-400mm.Band pass filter use.

Umbrella of 100% shading rate

Sunlight does not pass.

Reduce the heat of the sun.UV 99.9% cut.

Normal umbrella

Sunlight passes through a regular umbrella.

The umbrella in this image has a UV cut rate of 91.7%.

Inspection method of shading rate

Shielding performance is implemented by a third party inspection organization.Perform a light shielding inspection.The inspection method is an apparatus for inspecting the light shielding property of the curtain.

Standard is Japanese Industrial Standard.The inspection will be conducted with an illuminance of 100,000 lux, and light equivalent to midsummer sunshine.


The inspection of the shading rate is done with the cloth only.

Inspection can not be performed on finished sewing products.

The finished product has a machined part, and sunlight may leak from the seam.

Light and flexible fabric

Left: A shading film is attached to the back of the fabric. Right: Umbrella surface, 15 denier lightweight fabric
Left: A shading film is attached to the back of the fabric. Right: Umbrella surface, 15 denier lightweight fabric

A light shielding film is attached to the back of the fabric. The shading film itself is very thin and light. However, when the cloth and the light shielding film are pasted together, the cloth becomes thick and heavy.


"HEAT BLOCK" is light and soft dough. The fabric table was woven with 15 denier similar to the yarn thickness used in stocking.

The light shielding film on the back side was thinner and improved than the conventional product. The adhesive used to bond the fabric and the light-shielding film was also improved.

We store in slim because cloth is thin

It is very slim compared to the conventional completely shaded parasol. Convenient to carry, easy to fold.

It can also be used on rainy days

HEAT BLOCK can also be used for rain.The fabric is water repellent finish.

100% blackout fabric×108 grams super lightweight folding parasol

100% blackout fabric×Auto open & close folding umbrella